Cascade SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater

Topic: Uncut SIGGRAPH 2005 Electronic Theater

Meeting Time: December 5, Monday
6:30pm: Networking in lobby
7pm – 8:40pm Screening of 2005 Electronic Theater

Location: Hollywood Theatre
4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland
For a map look at:

The energy and excitement of the annual SIGGRAPH conference, held in Los Angeles this past summer, will be brought directly to Portland by screening the SIGGRAPH 2005 Electronic Theater. For the first time in Portland, the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater will be shown in its entirety.

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December Meeting

This meeting will be more of a presentation format than a social meeting, though I’m sure there’ll be plenty of that too!

From Corwin:

Sounds like we’re on for December 8th, and that the Spotlight Mobile office (my office) is the way to go. That said, here are some directions/instructions:

17 SE 3rd Avenue #501
Portland, OR

It’s the brown brick “Towne Storage” building. There’s a security system and alarm and things, so please try to get here roughly on time so I can make one trip instead of 12. :) The door is on the east side of the building- come to that point and dial the number for
Spotlight Mobile, or call me at:


and I’ll buzz you in/come grab you.

I’ll bring some pizza and drinks and the projector, and people are welcome to bring whatever else they want.

See you then!