February Meeting Recap

Here is a recap of some of the topics we burned through at the last meeting:

->The PAGDIG development project; an effort to get a group of us Pagdiggers together to make a quick, simple, but ultimately finished game as a way to get development experience. You’ve probably read about this on the list. We’re hoping to get some organizational structure up that we grow this project around.

->LUCID Studios; a Professional and Academic alliance and studio/resource for aspiring game designers.

->The GDC conference; quick blurbs and impressions from those who went, and questions from those of us who didn’t. Doug Naimo offered to help get some of the conference downloads to us if we could compile a list of the ones we’re interested in.

->Continuing to meet at PSU (consensus = yes)

->Setting up an online forum so that the mailing list can be reserved for announcements, meeting times, general topics etc., while conversations about projects and the like can be more organized on the forums.

->Future meeting topics: Torque Engine Rep will maybe come next month, Natural Point motion capture demo in April. There’s a possibility of having an Rep for Micosoft’s XNA give a presentation in the future, Warren and Eric saw this in Corvallis a while ago, it’s pretty neat.

Photos of the meeting here (pagdig yahoo group login required)

Thanks to Eric Ward for the minutes and Doug Helbing for the pics! More info forthcoming for the next meetup.