Next Meeting : Thu 10/23, 7pm at Hawthorne Lucky Lab

Hello all. The next meeting will be another social get-together at the same place as last time, the Hawthorne Lucky Lab. Last time, some people had trouble finding us amongst the tables, so be sure to look for the table with a poorly-rendered PAGDIG sign in Sharpie and graph paper.

Thursday October 23rd @ 7pm
Lucky Lab
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd

I’ve been kicking around an idea about having a “PAGDIG rapid game building project” for fun. People, by themselves or in teams, would have X weeks from a given start date to make a quick prototype of a game, and then at the meeting afterwards we’d all see what we call came up with and how far we were able to get.

We can talk about interest in that or specifics at the meeting.