Next PAGDIG Meeting/Meetup : Thu 1/22 7pm @ Lucky Lab *West Side not East Side*

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good holiday season and new year.

The next PAGDIG Meeting will be tried out at another new location, the west side Lucky Lab at 1945 NW Quimby St. on 1/22 at 7pm

One topic of conversation will be the OMSI Teen Game Tournament and Game Careers Fair. OMSI would like to showcase local developers at the fair to talk to kids about the different roles and jobs there are in the industry. It’d be cool to gauge the level of interest in that from some of our members, especially if we could get a good cross section from all the different disciplines (programming,art,design,sound,writing,etc..).

The other topic will be grabbing food and drinks and hanging out ;)

Hope to see you all there!