PAGDIG/IGDA Meet Up! 3/29 7pm @ Quimby Lucky Lab (Plus Other News)

So, before I really begin, allow me to just get this out of the way:

PAGDIG’s usual last Thursday meet up is coming to the Lucky Lab NW on Quimby as usual. Be there around 7:00pm and be prepared to imbibe on some delicious pizza and beer. Oh and if you want to talk about video games… that’s cool too.

In other news, you’re probably wondering who I am right about now. For those who haven’t met me at one of the past PAGDIG meet ups, my name is Geoff (you could probably already tell) and I’ll be assisting Dmitri with PAGDIG going forward.

I’m not a game developer myself (not talented enough, unfortunately) but I have been quite active in the marketing side of the gaming world for the past few years as owner of and 8-Bit Funding. Both of which are no longer under my control. My goal is to bring my marketing experience and press contacts to PAGDIG to help all of you guys get your game into more people’s hands whether that’s a mobile, PC, XBLIG, or a what-have-you game… it doesn’t matter. Consider me your personal guide to the wild frontier that is game journalism and marketing.

The plan is to expand PAGDIG going forward. It’s been a great group to simply hang out and get to know fellow Portland area game developers, but the ultimate goal for each of us should be to grow the game development scene in Portland a little more official. How we do that exactly hasn’t yet been decided upon but rest assured that Dmitri, myself, and some other choice individuals are working on that right now and will hopefully have something to share about it soon.

In the mean time, if you have any suggestions or would like to be a part of this in some capacity please leave a comment. Oh and do note, the website design is something we’d like to tackle soon.