PAGDIG/IGDA Meet Up! 4/26 7pm @ Quimby Lucky Lab. Also introducing: The PAGDIG Microtalks and why you should give one.

Hello all. It’s Pagdig time again, this Thursday, same bat time (7pm) same bat place (Quimby Lucky Lab 1945 NW Quimby St.). Stop on by and talk with the local game developer scene over pizza and drinks.

Sometime soon in the forthcoming months, PAGDIG will be hosting the first, of what we hope to be many, PAGDIG Microtalks. This will be a cluster of 5 minute presentations by our local community about anything they wish that is game related. This is modeled on the Microtalk sessions at GDC, which are always fun and inspiring to take in. You get the best of both worlds: interesting content that doesn’t tax one’s attention span.

We will host this at a location TBD that has a projector and microphone, so any visuals that go along with the presentation can be shown.

If you are interested in presenting, drop me an email at salcedo dot dmitri at gmail dot com and put “microtalk” somewhere in the subject line. Let me know what the subject will be and I will try to group talks that complement each other into certain sessions.

See you Thursday!