Next Meeting PAGDIG Special Tuesday Edition : Tue 05/29 at 7pm, Raffle, laughs, etc.

Hello PAGDIG peoples! It’s that time again, on a non-standard day to boot. The next meeting will be held on *TUESDAY* next week, due to popular request to vary the day of the week. Same hour and place as usual this month, 7pm the Quimby Lucky Lab at 1945 Northwest Quimby Street.

So stop on by and chat with your fellow game developers about what we are all working on! We can even compare Diablo 3 notes ;P.

I want to also personally thank all the people who came up with some great ideas for microtalks they could give. I hope to have next month’s meeting be the microtalks session and we can chat about what we need to make that happen at the meeting. If anyone out there would like to give a microtalk that hasn’t already talked to me about it yet, let me know!

We will also be raffling to attendees a ticket to next month’s Open Source Bridge, a valuable prize generously donated by the organizers. They also asked me to pass this tidbit on:

As a PAGDIG member, you can use the coupon code “osbugluv” to register at a discounted rate of $200 when you select Regular Registration (that’s $100 off). You can register at

See you all there!