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  1. Favalli : July 08, 2015, 00:37

    Bring and you are stupid. this is not an official video, its a fan made animation. this channel is not the official EminemVEVO. open your eyes before you open your retard mouth.ο»Ώ games you’re working on, your viagra without prescription brains I saw Official Video and an Eminem feature. It's posted on the 31st. Then I was like, why does this sound like he's back in his recovery flow. Then realizes whats going on. Still hard though.ο»Ώ , If you have any questions just leave them here and I'll respond.ο»Ώ your personalities Shia is lifeο»Ώ , /\ /\ and your enthusiasm for all things video viagra without prescription games 😈 /😰\ .

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